Monthly Archives: January 2014

Come again another day

Rain came yesterday like the breaking of a spell.  I woke up to wet pavements and dripping eves and stood on my deck inhaling the damp cool air and thanking whatever front had pushed away the high pressure system that has hung over us for so long, with its record high temperatures and desert humidity.  The years-long drought is fearsome enough, but this time we added to it what seemed like a year with no winter.  Day after day with temperatures in the seventies and eighties may seem like paradise for awhile, but not when I need a cool wet season to plant my orchard, and rain to keep the soil moist so their roots can grow before the dry summer.   Yesterday’s rain, over by noon, wasn’t much, but it brought hope along with it, the possibility that conditions had changed and that it might stay cool and even rain again sometime soon.